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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Do I really like doing this?
Drenched and exhausted I sat down to take my shoes off. “We should hire someone to work out for us” a woman looking at me said. “If you think about it, this is another job”.

I sat there watching the drops of sweat travel through the wrinkles in my belly – yes, I have wrinkles. Another job…but one I have never been good at. No matter how hard I try, there is always the next challenge, the faster mile, the higher resistance… will it ever get easy or at least easier?

Thinking about the job analogy, I realized I was in a place that had no respect for seniority; kids who had only been running for a few months were better, faster and looked better –well, that was not too hard to do in my case! But it’s not like in a few years I will be able to cash out a discount for seniors for pain relief unless I get double doses of advil.

Then again, it looks so easy on TV. When reluctantly I am forced to watch (because I am on a treadmill in the gym and that is the only channel on) aerobic classes, it dumbfounds me to see a group of people perfectly synchronized, neatly dressed, clothes beautifully matched and what I love the most - mascara and all…and not only that, they have this perennial smile on their faces. They look like they came out of a magazine and maybe they did!

And while I hear the “and the one, and two and reach , and down and again…” their smiles prevail, their breathing is easy and here I am watching them, on my treadmill seemingly not working at all as compared to the TV and having a hard time breathing while all of them are still smiling! Not fair!

I must admit sometimes I am swept by those commercials that promise perfect tight butts with only 3 minutes of exercise a day…I am sure you can have a good looking butt like that if that is how you started before you did your 3 minutes. Sadly, mine needs a few hours a day…

So, there is some validity to that woman’s comment, this is another job and right now I wish I could quit but I know just like I need a paycheck, I also need a work ouot so tomorrow on the treadmill I can watch again the beautiful people on TV and their “and the one, and two and reach , and down and again…” I’ll be back.