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Monday, October 08, 2007

Bad Run

Ever had that kind of a run, the kind where you feel like you never ran before and it makes you question why you would want to continue torturing yourself?

Well, I have. Sometimes I get into a rut for long periods of time where it seems that that type of run is the norm and the good ones, if any, are few and far between. Regardless of the frequency of my bad runs, I try to, time after time, make the horrendous quality of them attributable to some unrelated reason like my morning coffee not having enough cream or the traffic jam that certainly added stress to my day or the gum stuck on the sole of my shoe that obviously disturb the peace of my run and slowed me down. Unfortunately, whatever reason I may find, it never quite makes me feel better.

Now, what is it with those bad runs that regardless of that atrocious disconcerting feeling, we still have to continue it and complete it as if for some incoherent reason we think it is going to miraculously get better when it would be so much wiser and less painful to just turn around, get in the car and drive to the nearest Dunkin Donuts and have a Latte and a Boston Cream. I do consider that option, I must admit, but usually when I get to that point, I am already 6 miles away from my car and it seems that, although I bump into people I know often, there is no one around to pick me up when I need them!

Now, speaking of people you bump into, why is it that they always catch me when I’m walking? That is not fair! Of course, I try to explain that I was just tying my shoes or changing the music on my MP3 but it doesn’t matter, they know I was walking and that is all they will remember not the other painful miles I just finished (which they didn’t see).

Regardless of the frequency or intensity of their painful experience, I will continue to go for the next run hoping that unlike yesterday, or the day before, my run, this one, today, will be a little bit more bearable or that maybe this time, someone with a bag of Boston Creams will pick me up.