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Thursday, October 11, 2007


I have never been known for my patience. In fact, I am notorious for easily getting annoyed and snapping at people for no reason at all, no reason to them that is, I have my own. Take for instance, these examples.

We bought a refrigerator that was slightly bigger than the one being replaced. The handy man that my husband is, measured the new one and with saw and tape in hand, and his engineering background proceeded to make room for our new fridge. And he did, it fits perfectly, so perfectly that it can actually grow another 5 inches. Of course, the additional space sat there day after day staring at me…and I asked nicely time after time when it was going to be fixed, the answer and the actions never matched. So I snapped a few times until I did it myself.

Then there are the driving directions to a new place; “Which way to I go? Which way do I go???” and then proceeds to completely ignore my instructions as his voice reaches new decibels…

Then there are the people who annoy me when, in a conversation, they totally miss my point when I am assuming that they should know what I am talking about, even if I am not expressing it clearly…then they give me that look like “am I supposed to read your mind?” and the simple answer is “yes!”…those I’m sure, have a blog of their own where they curse me.

And speaking of clarity, I so dislike the Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR). Here I am in the office quietly sneaking these calls that normally take a ton of time while you circulate through the totally unnecessary different options and the voice says “I’m sorry, I did not catch that, do you mind repeating it?” and by the end of the call, the whole office knows your social, address, phone # and the nature of your call (which had nothing to do with work to begin with). Besides, those IVR were not made for people with accents. I hate them.

Well, I gotta go. One of my kids just told me the freezer is not making ice and they don’t know which way the handle should be at; it only has two positions….