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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Accepting or Giving Up?

There is a fine line between giving up and accepting.

Giving up transmits the negativity of surrender, giving in to defeat- walking away too soon without knowing with certainty if the outcome could have been different with more perseverance. The person might simply not care to find out.

For instance, there are people who at the first sign of pain, let alone exhaustion, give up any faint illusion of fitness. And the end of their running career comes to a sharp end after gasping for air the first time they run.

More dramatically, I remember a girl who fought a battle to stay alive and died never accepting that she had lost that battle with an illness that had the upper hand from the very beginning. Should she have given up her fight earlier, she could have enjoyed more peace in her remaining time. But why give up the chance of a miracle happening, a miracle that in her case never came but that does come to many others.

Conversely, there is a time of acceptance. A time to face that an injury will not heal, and it’s time to change the running sneakers for different performance gear; or give up on a job where the boss will never forget that cup of hot coffee that inadvertently ended up on his lap; or face the end of a relationship that lived its cycle; a time to move on.

Two distinctive choices; giving up avoids wasting unnecessary efforts; while acceptance comes only after unrelentingly holding on to hope until we can’t hold on anymore.

Ultimately the common ground is resigning to a loss, whether it means not much to us as might be the case when we quickly give up or it might mean the world to us since it has taken us a while to accept it; the end result is the same.

In either case, at some point we realize that we must accept that it’s time to give up.

Or is it?