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Friday, November 16, 2007

Not the sharpest pen in the box.

So what do you do when your shorts are falling down in a marathon? First, you remember that you should never wear anything new on race day - how many years have you been doing this? you ask. Then you kick yourself for buying them on line and not trying them on (just the fact that your friend gave you an old pair doesn't count as wearing a new one one size bigger); then you pull them up every 30 seconds or every time they reach a new level of "low rise", then you tuck your t-shirt in and then your jacket and look like a nerd in every picture with your shorts pulled up to your chest. Then finally you remove a safety pin from your bib and try to get it in your shorts with shaky and sweaty hands so you drop the pin. Then as the pain takes over, you forget and you don't care anymore and somehow they stay in place.

Then you go home and promise never to wear them again, but then again, the next time you race, you might be glad you bought a bigger size.