I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Is there really such thing as redemption? In running, I believe there is. One can run a streak of bad races and then redeem oneself with a good performance. But is there redemption in any other aspects of life?

Redemption is the concept referring to forgiveness or absolution for past sins. We often claim to forgive but will seldom forget. We like to carry that baggage with us of past events we can conveniently produce at just the right times and prove that no matter what it is now, we know what it was then…there is no redemption.

I love the forgiveness of running. It lets me go and it takes me back, it does not question my return. It does not grill me with blame. It wastes no time, it accepts me. It lets me be, at my pace, when I’m ready.

It is a snapshot of the moment and it wastes no time in the remembrance of past times. No one comes to me after crossing the finish line in a marathon (or any other distance) and tells me “you did well today but you did really poorly before”. In running, “it” is what it is. My efforts (or lack of) show in my performance and they are appreciated for what they are.

When it comes to redemption, the redeeming needs only come from within. It is there where it is to be appreciated. As I was told by a friend “create the space and energy for something good to happen”…I kneel before myself and I repent to my heart. After all, I may be the only fair judge of my redemption.