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Thursday, April 17, 2008


The site of the Newburgh Waterfront has been a special place to me. It is beautiful, it is surrounded by a variety of restaurants and it is the home of the River Rose Cruise.

I trained for my first marathon on it, running on weekdays during my lunch hour, lying to my boss and making up site visit to get away with the additional time needed to complete my midweek 8 miler and when done going in the bathroom to clean up as much as possible…never enough, I feel bad for my coworkers. No one came near me after lunch, no wonder.

It was the site of many lunches with a coworker with whom I became acquainted if only briefly (on those days I wasn’t running….). Too bad wine was not allowed at lunch time.

It was the site where a bunch of runners met for a cruise on the Hudson on an unforgettable April 2003.

The place where once I shed tears in the comfort of a friend. And where I have spent great times in the company of friends.

And still today a place where, alone, I enjoy taking a walk.

The Newburgh Waterfront has been unforgivably ignored by races. It is scenic, beautiful, clean, peaceful.
But today, I did not bring my shoes...I did have some wine though....