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Sunday, April 06, 2008

More (Video)

There are races that you just want to do and you won’t stop until you do them. The More Marathon or Half Marathon is one of them.

I finally did it.

And I will never do it again.

The requirement is that two women sign up together and at least one of them be over 40. No problem there, I had that covered. The idea of fitting a restricted requirement appealed to me and more than anything the pictures of women in camaraderie smiling at the camera captivated me.

After overcoming numerous obstacles I signed up.

The course was difficult, the atmosphere was ordinary and the miles were…the same; 13.1.

The course is two loops. So if you hate the first one, damn it, you are going to hate it again. At some point the walkers join you -what a pleasant addition- not only are you dying from all the hills but now you have to dodge hundreds of women chatting away while you out of breath must incessantly say “excuse me” to get through.

The bag is interesting; it is definitely geared towards menopausal women as if doing that race was not enough recognition of it.

The finish was traditional and while many women were having their picture taken in pairs and others had signs that displayed their pride to finish a half marathon, I went on to add on another 5 miles to my training. No reason to stand in front of the camera.

The non-competitiveness of the race is a good forum for first timers; the idea of running in pairs promotes camaraderie so seldom found in races. A woman’s t-shirt said Proud Maid of Honor" and the woman next to her had “Bride to be”; there were mothers and daughters, sisters, etc. For the rest of us, it was just another race.

One good thing about the experience is that I didn’t care what my time was or who was in front of me, and even though I worked hard whatever the clock showed was going to be okay. But I worked hard – too hard for what I got - and the day was too long. And obviously I am over 40 since I ran the race and at that age, I don’t feel like working so hard to get anything anymore.

Too much work is just not worth it to me anymore.