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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Admitting I need to quit

I realized today that I am drinking too much. I need to stop drinking. It is affecting my health and consequently my running

I admit it. I am drinking too much.

Everyday I leave work and I can’t wait to have one more. Even if the day before I promised I would skip it today when the day comes, I can’t wait and I succumb to my desire.

After my long run today I again had very bad stomachaches as I have been having after every long run. I called my friend for advice and with no hesitation she said, you need to stop drinking. You are drinking too much.

She is right. So as of today, I am not going to drink anymore or maybe once in a while just one for good measure, no more. It will be hard. Very hard. These addictions are hard to break.

But I admit, I am having too much of it.

I need to stop drinking…..


Tomorrow I’ll stop at my friend’s and have wine instead…. I can't wait...

That should fix my stomachaches!