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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 10K

I guess it’s time that I do a Race Report.

There is nothing like the thrill of waking up at 4 am with only 2 ½ hours sleep to run a race some 110 miles away. That thrill can be the horror of having to fill your gas tank again after the race…or just going far to do something out of the ordinary.

Mother’s Day 10K is held on Mother’s Day -duh! It is relatively a flat course with some inclines, the major one being after mile 3. I ran the race in 2006 and felt at the time that the course was probably short. What do I know? It was just my “gut” feeling and at the time my gut was much bigger than it is now.

The race draws about 250 to 300 runners and obviously it draws a good number of women.

The race starts on Calf Pasture Beach, and it goes through the roads of Norwalk. In spite of the number of runners, it seems to be low key with very little badly needed traffic control on some of the very busy roads. Basically, the runners are on their own, fending for themselves and often wondering if the approaching car will stop for the tired runner. There are only two water stops, no mile splits and the miles if well marked…well, I missed 3 of them.

In spite of what appears to be a negative report, I enjoyed the race and I will definitely consider doing it again. It has some kind of character. Maybe it is just the already mentioned thrill of driving 110 miles to run the same distance I could run in the next town, but the next town race does not have what Mother’s Day 10K offers.

The Mother’s Day 10K finishes where it starts, on the Calf Pasture Beach and the beauty of that place makes up for anything the course leaves out. Too bad it can not be run on the sidewalk of the beach.

I will be back.