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Saturday, May 31, 2008

I don't like rain, it interferes with plans, it messes up my hair, it ruins picnics and games and all other things we plan. But, rain has a nice effect on my runs provided it's not pouring before I start!!!

Today was one of those perfect rainy days. It was just a sprinkle. I smiled as I left the house thinking how many people would actually go out for a walk or even a drive because it's raining? So I went for 5 miles. I made it to 3 and then the skies opened up. I felt the rain hit my face hard, the wind blowing in any direction but mine and my clothes stuck to me (no wet t-shirt contest going on). I hoped that the cars were able to see me because of the warm temperatures there was a light fog.

Today was not a run with a lot of thoughts in spite of the foggy moment. My mind was empty...clear?. It was just a run and it felt good to...just run.

A car pulled over and asked me if needed a ride...I am running here, okay? I declined the offer and continued. It felt so good!