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Thursday, June 26, 2008

E-Mail Me Not

Why do people ignore personal emails? This is not a reference to chain emails or mass mailing ones, this is about an email written specifically to one person.

Some people ignore emails while answering others selectively. They answer some, and totally ignore others no matter how much effort was put into writing them. Why do they choose one versus the other, why not ignore them all? If they ignored them all then you wouldn’t have to wonder why yours was neglected but since they do answer some you can only conclude that they don’t care to respond to you.

Personally, I respond to every email even if briefly. If a person took the time to write something, obviously they want an acknowledgement, something that says “hey, I did read your email, thank you for taking the time”. Ignoring it says to me “I can’t waste my time on your stupid stuff and don’t you dare bring it up in person because if I didn’t care to read it, I don’t care to hear it”.

Why would you want to share with a person who tells you by his/her silence that you are not worth their time?

You don’t want to…you shouldn’t.

So, you stop writing to them.

Ignoring an email is to me the equivalent of walking away when a person is talking to you. It is ignoring a person. Point taken. Take your stuff somewhere else.

Email can be very impersonal, ignoring it is very personal.