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Monday, June 09, 2008

Paying Elites

I don’t agree with paying a “used to be” elite a fee to appear at a small local race that happens to be his hometown reasoning that it brings prestige to the race.

That is my opinion…not just my observation.

Granted, elites live off of the appearances they are able to make plus the races they win. No problem with that. But what prestige does an old elite bring to a very small race that barely makes enough to cover operating expenses. How many people actually run the race because he is there? The old timers remember who this Olympian medalist is, the new runners don’t know him and most people don’t care.

It is the prerogative of a Race Director to choose the expenses the race will incur. I wish they used that money to add amenities to a race that competes with other larger and better organized races. And for the Olympian medalist…he could run for free but if someone is willing to pay his weekend getaway, all expenses covered and in addition a fee to run a 10K, he is not the one to blame, the organizers are.