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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Race Director

Time to write about running again. I just have this much time in my hands.

Being a race director is an interesting place to be in a race. For one, RDs are not required to run a race so their performance is measured by the performance of others, not their own.

There are many different kinds of RDs. I could name names and applaud those who have exemplified the art of improving year after year but then to be fair I would have to name those who don’t…let’s go nameless.

There are the kind who never ran a race but learned by observation, take criticism, improve every year, and do a great job.

There are the ones who are natural…they might be (and usually are) runners. They know what to do, and do it right!

There are the ones who have run a million races but they don’t do a good job because they are not running the race so it does not matter that it is 90 degrees and the course is 13.1 miles, they don’t drink Gatorade when they run, why should anybody else?

There are the ones who “never directed a race before”, why should they try to do a good job now???

Then on the other hand, regardless of the kind of RD you are, there is the other side of the spectrum…the registered runner.

I was in my car finishing my coffee and I didn’t make it to the start on time…can I have a refund?

Then there is the last minute registrant, the price is increased and there is usually no give away to give…is that fair? If the participant is paying a late fee as penalty for its tardiness why is the give away taken away as well? One or the other, either charge more and give the same or charge the same and give less. Rd discretion…

Well, it takes all of us from all sides to make a race possible. The RD, the registered participant and of course the volunteers. And in either side there is always going to be one who didn’t do it right, could have do it better or simply didn’t give a damn. And the rest just ran a race.