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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Building back up

“Create the space and energy for something to happen”. Well, that is the thing. I have the energy (sort of) but not the desire so I am having a hard time creating the space for running after the surgery. I am lacking motivation. And running alone is boring right now.

Over the weekend I went for 10 miles, an ambitious goal for me at this time but within a few minutes I had negotiated it down to 8 and at the end of the run, I had settled for 5. And felt good about not doing more.

It is hot, it’s humid, I don’t need to run more. I could push myself for more but why should I? maybe….because I can. And that should be enough.

I know that in order to get somewhere, I have to keep at it and eventually it will happen. But I run just because I run and having it as a goal takes something away from it, I am sure the passion for it will come back to me. But now, sitting on my rock and having my wine is just so much more appealing…After all, I do have motivation, it is just not for the right kind of habit.