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Monday, July 07, 2008


I like small little races. They have character. Sometimes the race directors pay more attention to the runners than bigger races do. SWFD 5K is one of them.

Held on the Sunday after Labor Day, it does not draw the numbers that it should. Unfortunately, it competes with a 10K in the town of Goshen, a bigger race where the participants get a challenging course, a finish line and a dry bagel with no cream cheese nor butter and a coupon for a hot dog that if you are lucky enough to locate, you will be eating at 9:00 in the morning.

SWFD is a challenging first mile and beautiful shaded two miles after with a downhill finish. It attracts a lot of summer people we don't usually see in other races.

This year I took the photographer role while my daughter ran. She ran a disappointing 2 minutes slower than her last 5K while her schoolmate won first place.

The festivities include DJ music, energy drinks, bagels (with cream cheese and butter), fruits, cookies, and more. The T this year was a nice long sleeve shirt.

Some races never make it big. I always wonder why. I always wonder what attracts people to Goshen 10K. I know it has never done anything for me.