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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun and Long Day, The Catskill Mountain Relay

The Catskill Mountain Relay is a 100K relay totally self supported. Every year the number of teams doing it increases, most teams being of 5 members and a few of 10. This year, at the last minute I became part of one of them with friends Emmy and Frank.

The start is staggered based on the expected time of completion for each team, slower going first, and so on with the idea that most teams will finish somewhat close to each other. Even though only one runner runs a leg at a time (that’s why it’s a relay!) typically all members meet at the start for camaraderie and to avoid issues like the one we had, the runner at the toughest leg exchange not being there on time…

So Frank, running leg 4 had to literally get out of the car and start climbing Mount Everest without a warm up…I don’t think he’ll ever be late again or do that leg again… He probably has never been so happy to finish as he was when he handed the next exchange over to our teammate Don…but then again, we are talking about an ultramarathon maniac, what’s 6 miles uphill to him.

My second leg was in the total downpour, we looked more like we were partaking in a wet Tshirt contest than a relay. But at least it wasn’t 80 degrees although I could have done without the lightning and the cars splashing us.

It is a long day but it is a fun day in some kind of sick way that maybe only us understand (is that proper grammar???)

There were 18 teams competing today, let's say that 16 of them passed us.

And of course, my favorite part of the relay is this:

It has nothing to do with running.

Afterall, it's all about the social part....and the wine.