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Monday, August 11, 2008


In the last couple of years, injuries seem to be on a 6 month cycle; six months to get one, six months to heal one. Another injury seems to be lurking around the corner if it hasn’t moved in yet. The swelling of my knee after running two 10Ks 5 hours apart kind of gave me that hint.

Injuries can be costly. My last injury went away on its own not before visiting an orthopedic doc for a useless MRI that cost me $245 copay. I still have the same images and maybe I can revisit them with the same doctor to find out the same as before…nothing.

So of course, I did some research on what appears to be Runners Knee or Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome - somehow the name just makes you feel like a true runner...ahh, not the same ordinary injury any citizen would get.

The vast information on line regarding the injury and its possible causes and mechanical conditions reassured me and left me ignorant. Possible "functional equinous" and the Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO) and Vastus Medialis Longus (VML) been considerably weaker than the Vastus Lateralis (VL)…what???

In terms that my 4 year old physiological vocabulary can understand, I gathered that the causes range from but possibly are not:

Shoes - can't be, fairly knew
Gait - I have an awful form, always have, why would that be an issue now
Overuse - hardly, my mileage is pathetically low
Wide hips - same as gait. Always had them.
Weak Quadriceps - maybe, haven't touched weights in ages.
Pronation of feet - same as gait and hips.
Orthotics - possible - gotta come up with another $450 to replace them.

Yeah, just a runners thing, certainly not what the average citizen would worry about. Except the one thing that may be the real cause of my frequent injuries: