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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Race Walking

It is difficult to direct well a race one is not familiar with; it is difficult to direct a race well anytime regardless but when the element is so unknown, the task is more challenging.

It is what I am facing right now.

I am directing a walking race. Race walking is not my element, I don’t know the race walking community and I know few of the rules. I feel at a loss.

I know runners so I am inviting runners to participate. But what can make a runner give up their morning run or Sunday sleep to come to this race? Being my acquaintance does not carry that much weight…hot dogs on a Sunday morning might not do the trick either, I don’t know what would.

Being a runner, I know what to give a runner in a race. It’s simple, I give the same that I’d like to get. But I don’t know what a walker wants, what makes them drive to a race and participate. I know they don’t get many chances to race in their own element so here is a chance, I am not sure that’s enough.

After all, you have to walk kind of funny to be good and who wants to do that strange walk with arms pumping and hips swinging…

As long as you give me the $8 registration fee and show up, I don’t care how funny you look, just do it.

I feel lost….