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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who’s "that man"

I have seen him in many races. He does not have the typical body of a runner; that is the beauty of running, anyone fits in and he does…to some extent.

He used to run with a bottle of water or two in his hands. He got them from the race, I’m sure. Lately, he has been walking races and he still holds two bottles in his hands (if they are available at the start).

He finishes with the back pack and proceeds to visit the food table…and he overstays his welcome. He never leaves only occasionally to bring bags of bagels, bananas and any other items available at the race to his car. He repeats this over and over. He fills grocery shop bags with the amenities of the race and he does it over and over….

No one ever says anything to him, no one seems to mind, period! I seem to be the only one aware of his doing or bothered by it.

My theory is he has enough to pay for one race and then collects any food from that race to feed himself the rest of the week or he just likes bagels and bananas that much.

One of the few people I don't have to worry about beating to the finish for time, I just have to make sure I beat him to the food if I want to eat...