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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aging Gracefully

I am not as young as I used to be; I know that. I doesn’t bother me either that I don’t look the way I used to when I was 17…

But it seems that orthopedic doctors have nothing better to say than remind one of our aging process.

The Sports Medicine physician I am seeing tells me as if discovering the cause of my ailments

“You can’t expect to beat up your body at your age and not have any problems…”

And to add insult to injury he adds:

“You should try walking; people go to the mall in the mornings and walk…” I should remind him that I don’t’ have my seniors card yet but I bite my tongue instead. His reimbursement would be lower if Medicare was paying my bill. I don’t think he would like that.

The man has no mercy, “I treat athletes all the time. But when it comes to people like you and me, we have to take it easy”….wait a minute now “you and me????” this man is bald, wrinkled and chubby…you and me? He must be at least….a year or two older than I am.

Then, I naively ask my daughter about Facebook. I am getting a lot of invitations from people to be added to their Facebook, what do I do with that? I ask. Without even pausing to think she replies with a question

“Old people have Facebook???”

So I still don’t know what to do with Facebook…

Nothing I can do about this inevitable aging process, but it beats the alternative and that is good enough for me.

As for my doctor, he recommended that I cross train (in the mall) a few days a week and run only a couple of times a week, that should eliminate my injuries…He might be right but for now, I think I’ll log on Marathonguide.com and find a marathon. I miss training and those 50 mile weeks, might be just what I need…

That is something I couldn’t do at 17…