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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Making Of A Book

I met Marion Corbet, the author of Naked Soul a few years ago at my place of employment. Our relationship was strictly professional but laced with wit. That is how I learned of her passion for writing. It was not after I left my job that we became friends. That has been my tradition at all jobs; I always form very strong friendships after I’m gone.

Months later I received drafts of her work. I was asked to be brutally honest… Not liking poetry, reading through it was a challenge but Marion was aware of it and my critique provided a different perspective.

Then came the choosing of the title and the cover – she did not pick my suggestions (smart move on her part).

The first poem of the book “At 37” is an autobiographical piece that starts in her past and moves into the future.

Last night I attended her book signing. An exciting experience not just for the author who overcame so many obstacles but for the ones who saw the book develop from its early stages.

I still don’t like poetry as a whole but embrace her book and her words on healing and resolution. And I admire her resolution.

Now I own a book that is autographed by an author who actually knows me. That's pretty neat.