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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Missing It

My non runner non fit manager asked, as I was making arrangement for my knee MRI, “what if you can’t run anymore? Will you always miss it?” Defensively I answered in a hurry, “that is not an option”

Yet when I went for my run on my lunch hour on my swollen knee, I pondered her question, what if (one day) I can’t run anymore?

I would be hard, very hard. I would try until I knew I could try no more.

I would have no choice but to find another passion, another activity that’d provide me with the feeling or close to that I get in running. It would be different but it would be good….eventually.

Her second question, would I always miss it? At some point, I am guessing, I would stop missing it and I would remember it.

I would never not want to remember it fondly; I would never not want to have a special place in my heart and memory for something that once was so important in my life.

And I would never not want to remember the good in it because there might have been many more bad runs than the good ones, but the good ones were so incredibly great that recreating the happiness they gave me would be a utopia.

If one day I could not run, life would go on.

And I would always be glad that one day I did.

I was asked to post this again....