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Monday, September 15, 2008

My New Running Partner.

Today was one of the worst days of the summer. The kind of day that would break and slow down even the strongest runner. It felt like heat was coming out of my pores. Breathing was hard; the air was thick with water.

I met my new running partner on this humid, hot, disgusting morning to go for our first run together.

Our greeting matched the morning

We’re running in this disgusting weather?
Wanna go to the gym?
No, let’s just do it. At least is not raining

So much enthusiasm I could just explode.

So off we went. My breathing was laboring in the first 5 minutes. This woman said she was afraid to run with me because I might be too fast…but I was having a hard time keeping up with her, I hate that type! The secret speeders.

We got to the first thrown-water-bottle stop and I said the pace was too fast for me…should I use the surgery excuse? She probably already looked at my records. I figured if it got that bad and I passed out, I was in the best hands I could be since she is a nurse practitioner at my primary doctor’s office.

Off we went again, up a hill praying she would ask to walk…she didn’t. We kept going. But next thing I knew, we were at mile 5 and then 7 and way too soon we were back at our cars. We had discussed our children in college, our jobs, our drinking habits:

I have a cocktail everyday when I come home….
So do I.
Sometimes I have two
Me too.
Okay, let’s end that conversation. We do get up to go to work every morning.
Yeah, we’re fine.

I have forgotten how cool it is to run with someone and have a conversation to make the miles go by with less pain.

It’s been so long since I ran with anyone without having to drive 40 minutes to meet a group so this accommodation is foreign to me. I don’t even remember if there is any etiquette to follow. Do I wait make sure she is done talking and not catching her breath before I take over talking? Do I offer water from my bottle – nah, too personal.

Well, I hope I did not break any rules of running etiquette so we can continue our partnership…She did say she was busy the next couple of weeks…hmmmmmm