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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Roosa Gap Roller Coaster

This very unusual race is held every late September in the village of Wurtsboro. For someone like me who only runs road races, avoids trails because I’m a klutz – and only runs the typical distance (5K, 10K, 15K, etc) Roosa Gap is an unusual race.

Roosa Gap is 11.5 miles now. It used to be 11.7 and it will probably be something else next year.

The course is diverse as any course can be. First 4 miles on a trail which was changed in the last couple of years to a more doable and maybe less fun trail than before. We don’t have to run over huge puddles of water that reach up to your knees or higher. The trail is followed by 2 miles of grueling hills, then 3 ½ rolling hills finishing with 2 miles of steep downhill.

It is fun.

Today was one of those days similar to my Dutchess half marathon last year. For me having a good race is more about how I feel than how well I do. Dutchess had both, I felt great that morning; at whatever point I was in my life then I was happy, hopeful and I was running well, so my time was good in addition to feeling so great. Today, I felt good, relaxed, serene even. I ran with my NP friend the whole time until the downhill. My time was 5 minutes slower than last year but better than I expected.

The first 4 miles were probably more difficult than the rest of the race due to the high humidity. We stopped many times to catch our breath but at the top of the hill, a light mist made it better.

We finished completely soaked.

The race is low key with a field of slightly more than 100 local runners; the course is well marked, with enough water and Gatorade stations, and a massage therapist at the finish. The awards were done quickly. The overalls received running jackets…hmmmm I wonder where they got that idea…