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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Say What You Need to Say (but say it briefly)-
I have gotten to know a writer since he ran our Celebrate Life Half Marathon. I love his writing; it is highly personal, full of feeling, I can visualize what he describes, I can feel what he feels or felt in his writing. I love reading his articles....but he is lengthy.

I don't mind.

I have this minor task of editing and producing a runners club newsletter. One that, I am lucky if 1% actually reads and doesn't toss to the side or directly into the garbage can. Judging by the non-existing feedback I believe that is the case. Yet, I have this obligation to print not what I like but what might have a slighter chance to be read...even if it doesn't. I still have an obligation to the running club audience.

Likewise, I make an effort to read what others write and the newsletters others produce. I read and possitively comment on them understanding the effort that goes into them. I appreciate it and honestly enjoy their finished product.

So what do I do with an article that for me is great but I have to chop down to incoherent segments so that it fits a page (or two) and might, just might capture one person's attention?
What if I just printed the article full length and took the chance that a diferent 1% might actually enjoy it?

If it were my own newsletter - like a blog - with no obligation to the audience I would. But it is not.

That is why I enjoy the blog.