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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Things Change

I shake my head at how quickly things can change. Nothing is absolute…well, I’m sure some things are but most are not.

A year ago, I ran the best race I have ever run; Dutchess Classic Half Marathon. I have never felt so good in a race. I lined up with not one worry on my mind. The day was perfect, sunny skies with low temperatures. I felt no pressure, I had no expectations…gee, if only life could be that simple.

I had no idea what my pace was for the first 3 miles and I was afraid it was too fast. I felt tired by mile 4 but recovered by 5. At 6 I started running negative splits running a 7.38 mile at the 11 mile point. My time 1:47.

Although my training and my weight remained basically the same and I ran two marathons in between, I could not keep the pace of even my slowest mile of Dutchess today.

Things change.

Two weeks after running a marathon I was in the hospital having surgery…

And that is how sh—happens. One phone call, one email, bang! Things are different.

It can be discouraging. It is discouraging.

If only we could bounce back from bad to good as we bounce in the blink of an eye from good to bad!

Only in movies like (you wouldn’t expect me to remember the name, would you?) where the hero wakes up from a 7 year coma, gets on his feet and battles 5 guys with martial arts. Agh! That is why we pay to go to the movies.

But not all is lost. We do bounce back. People get healthy again, relationships rekindle after break ups and sometimes it is better. It only takes the will and the desire. It can happen.

So, right now it is difficult and it probably will be for a while. But I have faith it will be fine again, I just have to exercise that which I don’t have much of…patience.