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Friday, September 12, 2008

Walk the Race 3K Race Report


When your expectations are low, can’t go anywhere but up and you are to be pleasantly surprised.

Saturday was the kind of day that would keep anyone home. Damp and nasty with torrential rains in the afternoon. Sunday was a day made in Heaven. Sunny skies, temperatures in the 70’s - perfect…God is good.

The registration for the race was low, very low. In spite of my emails and phone calls, and pleading (!), I was only able to get it in the running calendar of the local newspaper the week before and did not get much promotion but a quick email from the sister club – a bit of a surprise there.

There was no assistance from my club members – no surprise there.

The year before 30 people participated in the inaugural walk, but most had moved out of the area, some couples split and some others retired…Is it coincidence or do I have that effect on people and make them get the hell away from me!

I was not expecting more than 15 sympathy walkers this time. As give away, I had ordered 73 scotch glasses with the club’s logo expecting to save more than half for other events. Much to the disappointment of the participants it was handed empty, no scotch for $8.

I arrived at 8:15 to meet a friend doing the timing pro bono as a personal favor and support for the sport, something I am most grateful for and we hang out for almost an hour. Then the cars started coming and coming and coming…until I handed the last glass to a walker and prayed “God, this is great but we can’t handle more this time! We’ll run out of food!”

We had 73 registered walkers only 5 did not make it. Probably the first 12 race walked with most people just hanging out for the stroll along the river.

The low entry fee was certainly an incentive for families to participate together. But the success of a walk lies heavily in the hands of the weather.

After the walk everyone headed over to the barbeque where food was already being cooked. Hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks were offered and the awards were done quickly after the food. At the last minute we realized that the shop doing the awards did not give us all the medals so I apologized and will be sending them by mail. The mishap did not seem to bother anyone.

When the day is so beautiful and you only spent a few dollars….there is not much to complain about.