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Monday, September 01, 2008

Warwick Lions 5K

Pictures loaded
Probably the biggest 5K in the tri-county area. In 2000, it drew a field of 500 runners. I believe I ran it for the first time that year, my time back then was what it would probably have been today.

Today the race drew 760 finishers, obviously it has doubled in size. I remember Carol McManus, avid runner, founder and race director of the race, telling me that she did not want the race to grow much more. The roads are narrow and it was just going to be difficult to handle. But she did handle it and always ran her race even with a bald head and fragile figure in 2005 while still fighting a short but furious battle against pancreatic cancer.

After we finished, my friend and I were cooling down when she saw us. We were wearing yellow in support of her. She stopped and said “you came!” as if there was any doubt that my friend and I would miss her last race.

That year, I was battling my own health issues and a guy I didn’t know at the time, handed me an angel when he and I finished together, his name I would learn later Joseph Marachesano. I still hold on to angel.

Carol McManus passed away in April of 2006 but her race goes on. As with everything, life goes on, the race goes on and the connection with her will slowly get lost. Some of us still go just in her memory.

Today I went only for that purpose, to run her race, to honor her memory. But I did not get to run it, somehow the exit was missed and by the time the error was corrected, it was too late to make it to the registration table and back to the start where the runners were already lining up by the time we parked the car.

So…not that I wanted to race anyway! I decided to position myself at 2.7 miles and shoot pictures. Sometimes, that is where I want to be anyway…missing the exit was not a bad deal after all.