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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Forceful Tempo Runs

I avoid fast people as my long run companions (or short run or any run). They make me run faster...and I always feel I am slowing them down. Not a good combination of feelings for a run that is precious to me, my long distance run.

I went on one of my last long runs pre-surgery in the company of two runners. "It's my long distance run and I do a 10 min mile" I proclaimed. Sure enough, we hit the road, started a conversation and my first mile was 8.30. Afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep it up for 12 miles, I took the chance to suck it up for 4 and then announce I've had it.

I will not deny that by 6 I felt tired and by 8 I really wanted to stop but overall I clocked many miles around 8.30 and the rest all under 9. There is a theory somewhere about adding tempo runs to your training and getting faster. Not sure if that works or not, but this tempo run sure gave me confidence.

Not something I want to or can do on every run, but it felt good to accomplish it.
Sometimes being forced is not so bad.