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Monday, September 22, 2008

I Am Sooo Popular

I received an email. So and so wants to be your friend. Click.

“You must log in to see her profile”.

I did.

“Name a few people you know or want to know or remember knowing or something like that”. I did. The next day I received an email from a friend in Mexico I have not heard from in ages. Ok, that was impressive and worth my time.

Then I kept receiving emails from people who want to add me to their list of friends. And their friends, and the friends of their friends. So I click yes every time. Why not? I want friends and these friends really want me.

They have added pictures and I view them…but I don’t know half of them or a quarter of them. But they want to be my friends. I like that.

Some send me a request for hugs. I like hugs so I click yes. I still feel cold. That hug didn’t reach me but I clicked okay.

I asked my kids and they looked at each other and said in one voice “you have facebook????” I felt I had done something wrong, maybe I did. Did I?

I don’t know what I did…I don’t know what to do with facebook. Will anyone tell me?

Now I have lots of friends and more than half of them want to hug me. Why do I still feel I am missing something? Maybe because other than answering yes, I am not doing more with them…Oh yes, I am hugging them…and they are hugging me.

I keep clicking yes. And I am making lots of friends. I just don’t know most of them. The list keeps growing… I am making progress.

I am some popular person!