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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Maybrook 5K

I hate bloody Maries, ripe bananas and 5Ks.

I only go to a 5K if I know the race director and want to support their race. Maybrook is a cute race, very small, with 5 year age groups so we all walk out of there with a medal just by signing up basically.

Every year I’ve run it I come late, so late that everyone is lined up and I have to sprint up the hill to the start, that is my warm up. Two years ago with enough time in my hands, I stopped to visit a friend and stayed too long. Last year I got lost.

Today was no different. Realizing 40 minutes earlier that the race was this morning I drove 40 miles way over the speed limit and made it to the start 1 1/2 minutes before the gun went off, why ruin a perfect tradition.

The first time I went was in 2005. Kind of a special time. It was my first race after 10 months sick and 3 months since my surgery. I drove with a person from the running club. One quick look at the field and she knew she could have easily won the overall race. But she stayed with me and helped me finish it. Slow time but special time, I was back to running races.

The town is small, pretty and clean. There is an irish pub somewhere out there that we stopped in on our way back. I’ve been going to this race by myself since then so I bypass the pub. Maybe I should stop there before I run the race. That might make the 5K more tolerable.