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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Oh No! I should be Capped

Calls wanting to know what the outcome of my MRI was. I really pick the wrong way to get attention.

Another surgery.

I feel responsible for what I’ve done to the insurance Industry. . . I think I am at the center of the reasons why healthcare premium is increasing 40% for all families. Not to mention how my boss must feel when she insisted on hiring this very health person. And I am healthy, am I not? Please say yes.

Dx: Surgery is required to repair a “significant” tear. 6 to 8 weeks of recovery according to a movie I was painfully and reluctantly made watch.

- Any questions?
- You don’t believe in that 6 week thing, do you?
- With you, no.

These things get in the middle of plans and everything but I want to get it over with soooooon.
Some arrangements will have to be made. I’ll need to ask a friend (hello...anyone around?) to drive me – I don’t want my husband to take a day off, we need all the money we can to pay for the co-pays I’m incurring. I’ll need someone to pick me up, and drive me home…buy me lunch, buy me a drink (I’ll hold off on painkillers just for that), do my laundry…hey gotta try to get what I can.
Ughhh, surgery now? Actually I was not upset. Somehow we need to get through the difficult times when we know there is something better (or as good) on the other side or even when there isn't. We have to get there.
At this particular time, any doctor’s news can not supersede the stress that is building up inside of me before the real test. Anything else is just a walk in the park.
And I can take it...I think.