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Friday, October 24, 2008

Philadelphia Marathon

A month away from Philadelphia marathon. Time for the last 20 miler and then entering taper phase.

I am not doing that. Far from it. Reason #1 why I am reminiscing about it.

Philadelphia has a special taste for me. It was my first marathon conceived in my mind before I knew normal people could run that distance. I brought my family to watch it two years before I actually ran announcing then that I would be one of the finishers the following year. Some medical issues prevented me from keeping my promise and Philly became a goal that got me through some difficult days. The thought of crossing that finish line made me feel alive, a feeling I needed back then.

I followed Hal Higdon’s training plan and ran Philadelphia, my first marathon, in 2002. I loved 23 miles of it (I don’t think anyone can love all 26). I crossed that finish line, looked up and thanked God, what a feeling!

The memories don’t end there.

I went back another year as a spectator. One of those trips which flavor never fades and you keep as a treasure in your mind. I visited the museum, walked through Chinatown, laughed a lot, met friends who were running the marathon the next day and joined them the next day for a few miles. Stopped at the Hard Rock for a cocktail. But more than all, I felt happy that weekend, it was one of those weekends were life just feels good!

If I could put those times in a bottle…

There have been other marathons and I hope they will be many more but Philly is more than a marathon. It's a memory.