I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Quick Visit

After a hug and a kiss, the exchange was:

Did you shower?
You didn’t shave.
Your hair is too long, you need a haircut.
For God’s sake, did you put on weight since I last saw you?
This room is a mess.

Bag in hand I started picking up random caps of water bottles, newspapers, receipts, labels, empty bags.

You haven’t seen me in a month and you’re already criticizing me!

And we were…well, I was the one with the bag; the comments (this one time) were not mine. But they were well intended…from a parent’s perspective.

Our weekend visiting our 18 year old baby boy.

I am getting used to the routine. After doing a few things, we drove him to our hotel. Then the hints start “so…what do you want to do later?”
And when we are scheduled to leave “I could eat something”
“OK, we can have lunch before we leave”
“I have no deodorant”
“I brought you a couple”
“I don’t like that type”
“Ok, we can go buy what you like…maybe you would like to go to the mall and hang out?”

Whether in the eyes of my heart he has not grown a day past 5, there are different boundaries I must respect now; time out does not work anymore and neither I can tell the barber how much hair to cut. He is an adult and I must treat him as such even if he does not always behave as one.

As I drive away, I still feel the same strange feeling. Am I really dropping off my son? It does not seem possible. He was just a 5 year old….

I drive away but I’m still there and he knows that. I am always with him.