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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Faithful as Odysseus Dog

I always heard that phrase as I was growing up. "As faithful as Odysseus dog". Argos, the dog of this greek mythology tale, waited over 20 years for his master to return so he could wag his tail and then...die. The epitome of faithfulness.

I never had a dog until I had kids and they wanted a dog and they promised to take care of him. I wanted nothing to do with the dog. But he wanted everything to do with me. Of course, I was his feeder, the one who walked him and the one who talked to him...yes, I found myself talking to him. And I got used to him. Very used to him.

I named him after a cartoon - Porkchop.

Porkchop followed me everywhere. Ever since he set paw on this house, he slept with me...well, next to me, that is. He woke up as often as I did, and followed me wherever I went. He ran with me, sat next to me, waited for me. He loved me. Yes, he was my faithful dog.

Until one day.

I introduced him to a friend and he fell in love with her (that should have taught me a lesson).

He stopped following me. He followed her when she was around.

He stopped running with me. And when she ditched him for another dog, he never recovered. He remained in mourning and never came back to me...but I waited, and waited. I was faithful.

I wonder which one of us was the real dog.