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Sunday, November 23, 2008


I’ve never liked to depend on anything. When I was a smoker, I would take a step back if my smoking reached a level higher than what I considered permissible. Same with drinking, if I ever drank more than I felt I should have, I would “punish” myself by not having a drink in a number of weeks. It sort of assured me that I was in control of the substance and not the other way around.

What does that have to do with anything? Not a thing.

I ran for about 8 years with only the sound of my footsteps as company, not necessarily by choice. Only in the last 3 years I finally invested in a MP3 and later upgraded to my daughter’s second hand IPod.

All my long distance runs have that little IPod inserted in my shorts pocket. I have actually turned around to get another set of headphones if the ones I have stopped working. No, I don’t depend on my IPod or do I?

This weekend I packed my bags the night before my flight as I always do and for the non-detail spaced out person I am, I did pretty good. I even charged my phone, Bluetooth, sync’d my IPod with all my new romantic music (I can not run to the beat of salsa) and last but not least, I made sure headphones were working. I tested them on my table.

I got to my destination, set out for my first long distance run and found myself with everything but with what to listen to my IPod, don’t know how it happened but they never left the table where I tested them.

So I went for my long run and to entertain my mind I sang to myself, not something I enjoy or anyone would enjoy if they had the misfortune to have to listen to me. And when I say that I mean that Marc Anthony’s “You sang to me” is not a title that identifies me.

The way the songs go in my head is…kind of amusing

You Wanna Show The World, But No One Knows Your Name Yet Wonder When And Where And How You're Gonna Make It You Know You Can If You Get The Chance In Your Face As The Door Keeps Slamming.... But something happened for the very first time with you...they try to pull me away….you cut me open and I…You and me together through the days and nights…

That got me through the first 5 miles, until I convinced myself that I was getting into a shady side of town and I should turn around only to be faced with gusts of winds. I tried the music thingy again but the only sound that I could come up with was the cursing and cursing at every gust that seemed to decrease when I gave in and walked and picked up as I tried the running part again, it felt the wind was mocking me.

Have I had my IPod made that run better? Gee, I don’t think anything can make running against wind better. But I did get to a Dunkin Donuts, sat down, got almost attacked by birds that wanted my bagel and enjoyed the view. Something I seldom do…to be there and enjoy just that…

to be...with me.