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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


When I need strength from faith I visit a priest I’ve known a few years. His sermons are always eloquent and enlightening. The sermon this morning was about this first paragraph.

Human nature when let be alone tends to be destructive. Laws and structure are needed in order to co-habitat with others in every aspect of our lives. Relationships with no boundaries and no structure tend to be unhealthy. So, in ancient times, the scribes, in an effort to better every day life, put together laws and structure for every day activities. The more laws they wrote, the more they felt they had to write; sooo many that no one could keep up with it. Laws such as how far a person could walk on the Sabbath without breaking the law were put together in over 50 volumes that contained all regulations the scribes felt were necessary to maintain order. The result: learned helplessness, a helpless feeling of failure and inability to abide to the laws written.

The desire to maintain order had lost sight of the best interest of the parties involved.
It was no longer a needed structure, it became an inflexible control that took away spontaneity and left everyone helplessly unable to comply with the laws imposed.

Impossible to be perfect.

To better and even correct relationships of any sort, boundaries must be respected and structures must be set in place. But when it becomes a means to control every aspect of it, and the best interest of the relationship is no longer the objective but it has been replaced by blinding power and control, the result is to hopelessly quit trying.

Make no mistake; control that takes away individuality does not yield betterment for the relationship. A relationship can not be saved by controlling how far we can walk or when we can talk.

The scribes were wrong. Inflexible structure and control yield one result:

We give up.