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Monday, December 07, 2009


The tree needs gifts.

Buying or the act of shopping is not something I enjoy. When I was 7 or 8 I used to be taken shopping for clothes, shoes for my First Communion, my first day of school or whatever the occasion. My aunt would drag me to visit every store in downtown. The salesgirl would be asked to bring every item in the store that fit me and I would have to try it on.

Time after time there was something wrong with it and the poor salesgirl would climb a ladder even higher to get that one, no, not that one, the one up higher and bring it down to us in hopes of a commission. After looking at and trying everything, my aunt would say are you crazy? We are not paying that kind of money for that!” and off we would move to another store! Aghhhh, I wanted to buy something just to get it over with!!!

I dislike shopping.

The essence of my shopping is purely necessity and I am in and out of a store as quickly as I can manage it. Most of the times, I don't try anything on.

Easier shopping times are when I accompany my teenager daughter on her rampage. I remain in a stationary position outside the store until she summons me in to approach the register. It's quick and simple...and expensive.

But there is one kind of shopping that for some unknown reason I like. And that is Christmas shopping with a friend. It seldom happens and by the time I ask a friend, everyone is done with their shopping. My timing is never right.

I don’t know what's in a Christmas shopping that makes it appealing to me.

It might be the idea of driving far and spending hours in a mad maze of stores and the cappuccinos and biscotti with that friend having fun that redeems that memory of childhood or maybe it is just being able to actually make that purchase without making the salesgirl climb the ladder!

It is different than shopping for myself or accompanying my kid. It is fun.

Or it is part of my weirdness.

I thought about asking a friend yesterday but as usual my timing was not right.

Maybe I'll buy on line this year.