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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Foot In The Mouth

A friend I had lost contact with reached out to me recently. I consider her a very good friend and was excited to hear from her again. Yesterday I received an email from her, “I know it’s short notice but I could meet you today somewhere or you can come to my house. I’d really love to see you”

I replied that I had to check on my daughter’s plans and find out if she was going to need me as her cab or not.

The day went on and I received several other emails regarding a race I’m involved in. One of them, from a guy who was helping me set up the race on his website, carried on a few times during the day.

At the end of the day my friend asked me if I was meeting her and where. The guy from the running website addressed my last issue and politely ended the email with a “it’s been nice working with you, maybe one day I’ll get to meet you”.

With two emails open, I replied to my friend’s “I’ll come to your place, in that way we’ll have more time to catch up. Looking forward to seeing you”. Click. Send.

The email went to the guy from the race.


That reminds me of a friend who interviewed with a guy and his wife. We were meeting for dinner that evening. Having the same initials in our name, she sent me a note “See you for dinner tonight”. Click. Send.

It went to the employer.

She did not get job.

I wonder if I’ll get the race on the website.