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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Not all are good, some are great.

I can’t fool anyone pretending all runs are good – nothing is always good. Some are run merely for fitness, some are plain difficult, I can’t get into them. Some are part of training and some I basically don’t want to do.

There are others that are good, it feels easy and some simply feel great.

I am not one to look at scenery when I run. The “historical course and beautiful monuments” like the National Marathon in Washington don’t do it for me. I don’t care how beautiful it is, I am still running 26 miles and it still hurts.

My runs are usually focused on the run itself. Not really concerned about the beauty of the course, only the difficulty and preferably the easiness of it.

This one in particular was different. The pace was or felt much easier than others and I actually took the time to inhale the beauty of the course alongside a river and even to hear the sound our footsteps on dry leaves.

Today felt good. A good run, a good day.