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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gym Etiquette

I believe there is an unwritten unspoken rule of etiquette for everything and every place. In some instances, it should not be so unspoken; rather it should be written and carved in stone.

Gym etiquette for instance should be one of them. Being sweaty and unattractive while doing our cardio or lifting our weights does not preclude us from following some basic form of etiquette. For instance,

Carrying on a conversation from one end of the gym on treadmill #1 to the other side on treadmill #10 is not acceptable, it is not.

Jumping in and taking your weights when you are just taking a breath is not acceptable.

BO before even working out is not acceptable. Just because you might smell later is no reason to stink before.

Sweating all over an elliptical or treadmill and not cleaning it for the next person who is waiting is not acceptable.

And chewing gum and popping your gum every two seconds when I am two feet away from you is not acceptable. OK, I accept that one only bothers me…I’m weird.

There is an older man who comes to the gym with a cup of black coffee and sambuka. Occasionally while I am doing the bike, he takes the bike next to me and positions his cup on the book holder. The smell of that coffee and sambuka gets so strong that I have had to get up. As much as I am a booze supporter, booze in the gym, is not acceptable.

Add that one to the list.