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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Junk Miles

What constitutes junk miles? And do they serve any purpose?

If a run ever tested the limits of my running fitness – assuming I have any kind of fitness, (today I seriously reevaluated that), this one did.

The wind was brutal again with gusts of 27 MPH. The chill factor brought the temperatures to below zero and the new added hill on our course, did me in wayyyy too early.

I chose to run 15 miles today obviously having to add 2 more to the half marathon course we were doing. And I say that with great emphasis because I have been doing 13 for over 2 months and I told my running partner who is training for her first marathon that we should go up to 15 even if our schedule didn’t call for it since we have done so many 13s just to get more comfortable (ha! That was a joke). While I ran, I asked myself why, Oh Dear God, why am I doing this?

Because same as when I ran during treatment, 2 miles felt as bad as 6 so why not just do 6. Same philosophy today.

A workout is supposed to have done its job when it leaves you completely exhausted…what if you are exhausted from the very beginning? Guess the workout had worked before I even started, I should have gotten in the car and driven off…and I contemplated that up to mile 3, then I hooked up with a friend and ran with her a couple of miles and having company made it a little more bearable, painful but bearable. And then I was alone again….

I am not making a point so I am going to stop now. Was today worth it? It sure didn’t feel like it. Today felt like 15 junk miles….but junk can be fused and recycled and something good can come out of it.

Maybe it will.