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Thursday, February 26, 2009

17 should have been 15.

It’s no big deal, 2 should not break you or make you.

I was scheduled to run 15 miles on Sunday, I could have probably gotten away with 14 but I made a mistake and thought I had to run 17 so I did.

Slushy roads and wet snow are usually not good components of a good run and when you add a little bit of fatigue to that, not a good result. Looking through the raindrops on my glasses didn’t help the process either. I thought about running without glasses but with so much ice on the roads, the risk of falling on my face was greater. Not that looking through those glasses was doing much but occasionally in between raindrops I was able to see where my foot landed.

Slush, ice, that’s where it landed most of the times for 17 miles. Not sure that doing 14 would have made a difference. Running is like a bank account, when it's empty it doesn’t matter if you owe $20,000 or $22,000. You can’t afford to pay the $20K, 2 more are not going to make a bit of difference but it will add to that feeling of being deeper into it.

That was my run on Sunday. On empty. My mind gave up before my legs did. Sometimes I do that, I allow the slush around to get the best of me.