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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Art of Losing

Knowing how to lose is equally important as knowing how to win.

Lose with dignity; win without arrogance.

Regardless of the level of competitiveness of each person, every one at some point will lose to a competitor or win over another. Running is said to be an equalizer, there is always somebody better and someone not as good that we are going to come across.

Losing to someone who is normally slower or to a trainee can be bothersome to a competitive person. However, everyone has good and bad days. Give a good day to a person and a bad day to another and let them compete against each other; the result will be different.

So, under that perspective, winning really means that a faster person did not compete and losing means that the faster one did. It is not a barometer of our qualifications. It is more a tool to keep us grounded.