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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bad Hair Life

Reading Kevin's post I realized I share the same experience. My hair is wavy and full, nothing unusual about it. My hair is...normal to me, I've always had it (that's not entirely true) and growing up when it went down below my shoulder blades I never had a problem with a haircut or I didn't notice it. Maybe everyone else did but I didn't.

Then I moved to this area and....never found anyone who could handle my hair. No one else seems to complain about theirs. Well, that is because the men in this country part of the universe wear a baseball hat at all times so we don't know what their hair looks like (or if they have hair) and the women, well, maybe they just find the right person for them.

I tried the fast cut (as in fast food) in the mall and after walking out of there with my sides looking as if I had earmuffs I upgraded to JC Pennys salon paying good money, mind you. Same thing. I had a woman there once who wrapped herself around my chair in a seemingly distorted ballet position to reach my hair...that performance is not one I want to see again and much less want to pay for.

Finally I went back to the roots. I decided to go to NYC in pursuit of the gay Colombian boys of Jackson Heights. Gas and tolls are well worth it to find them. The more flaming the more talented they are.

I don't ask for much. A haircut and a style that I can do at home. I don't like to step out of the chair looking like a poor disguise of a celebrity or as if my head had been stuck in a dryer. A haircut, just a haircut. And it is always good. If I can find a good gay boy, I am set, but sometimes even they have a bad day.

Yesterday was that day.

He, himself asked, "you want the back long?"

"Yes, but you can cut a little"

A little is the key word.... Nope, he did his thing. When I saw the first 1 and 1/2 inch hit the floor I sighed. No point in saying anything, the damage was done.

One thing about hair, it grows...

I can't wait for my group run on Saturday when I am sure to hear the negative comments from one of the participants. The comments might be well deserved, I might be looking like this right now but I insist, if you have nothing good to tell me...don't say anything please...