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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Club Membership

Conversing with a guy during a social event I organized for the running club, he asked me if I really wanted him to pay his membership. “I see no benefit in it” he said. “I don’t attend a lot of races, don’t read the newsletter and seldom attend a meeting”. I thought about that question for a while. This is the same guy who introduced me to his running club and offered me a membership years ago. Things have changed….he is not involved in the running circuit anymore. However, he still runs.

What is the truth benefit of a being a member of a club anyway? Many and none, it’s all about perspective. Loving the sport, and pursuing fitness for oneself and for all is to me a good reason to support a club. Many of the organized runs and races we attend are organized by running clubs. I know of 3 mine does and I can think of a handful our sister club organizes. Without members a club can’t exist and as a consequence these events would not take place, at least some of them wouldn’t.

I have been part of a club I seldom do anything with, first because this same guy asked years ago and later because I befriended some of its members. But even if the love for the sport was not enough reason to support it and even if I had a personal issue with one of the board officers which I don’t, I would still belong to the club. As a race director, it is in my best interest to support them so they support my races. I can not afford to have one person from a club say “hmmm she is not a member, why should I support her?” so my $18 or $25 in membership fees might cost me two or three runners in my race.

I don’t know about everybody else, but in my case supporting the sport, supporting their events and supporting the club so they can support me, seems like very good reasons to pay my membership.

Besides, the President is the webmaster of my race’s website gratis, I don’t think I can dare tell him I won’t pay my dues this year…..