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Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have learned that when we want something done, it should be given to the person with the most amount of work; the one whose desk is empty, wants to keep it that way.

I am in that kind of mood…. There is this thing called commitment. It means that if we commit to something, we are expected to do it. If you can’t deliver, do not commit! Simple as that.

There are responsibilities that come with the commitment. If you can't be faithful, then don't get into an exclusive relationship. We must show up for work everyday. Parents must tend their kids, etc. The only way to avoid responsibilities is to not accept the challenge, or job, or relationship, whatever.

Responsibilities are the minimum requirements of a job and are not the same as expectations. Expectations are above and beyond responsibilities. I might expect you as my friend to take me to an expensive joint (ha!) but you are not required to. Would be nice…

What has brought these thoughts to mind today (on my third day observing Lent, mind you) is the Running Club to which I belong. I am tired of hearing “I work two jobs”, “I have to change diapers”, “I have to go grocery shopping”…yeah? And your point is…you can’t fulfill your responsibilities with the Club. Then why accept the job? 0r even seek it in the first place?

Committees are formed in this club (and every club) with people who raise their hand “pick me, pick me” and assume their responsibilities end with the show of their hands. That is not the case.
I have my share of commitments with the Club in addition to my own personal commitments and if I didn’t or couldn’t deliver I would have to resign from my duties as assigned. Why is that so hard for the rest of the members to understand? You can’t deliver do not offer. Period.

So my plate and desk at times overflow but that is the way I want it, that's why I accept the commitment. One thing I am not committed to is winning the popularity contest…That might be an expectation I won’t deliver…