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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drawing The Line
I was forced to see a doctor (again) this week due to another ailment I came up with. For a healthy person, I sure as heck give my health plan a lot to worry about. While the doctor examined me and diagnosed me with an acute respiratory infection he also asked if I had been to the doctor recently for my a personal exam. “I am due for a visit”, I said. As in these one stop shops nowadays the doctor offered the services of the nurse practitioner in house. “’C’ does that, you know”.

Yes, I know, or no, I didn’t know but in any event I don’t want to use her services.

You see, “C” is my running partner and…..well, while I believe hours of running side by side bring you closer to a person, I do have to draw the line somewhere.

That is not a part of me I want to share with her.

Sorry Doc, I’ll stick with my provider who doesn’t run.