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Monday, February 02, 2009

Need a Sugar Daddy

With the economy at one of its lowest points and business hurting everywhere, we are having a hard time squeezing money out of sponsors most of whom are hurting themselves.

Regretfully, our cause does not let up.

Celebrate Life Half Marathon is not just the only half marathon in Orange and Sullivan Counties and one of the best in its kind but it is also one of the few organizations that directly assists cancer patients by alleviating some of their specific financial needs.

CLHM pays co-pays, CLHM pays transportation for those patients who must decide filling their car up with gas to make it to their treatment or buy milk for their kids. CLHM has paid utilities on the house of someone stricken with cancer and unable to work. CLHM has even paid a mortgage. CLHM pays pharmaceutical bills, DME, prosthesis, and much much more.

There are no administrative expenses, every cent collected is donated.

Every year Celebrate Life helps an average of 25 patients. The only requirement is that they'll be fighting cancer, no other questions or tedious forms to fill out (only to find out they don't qualify as it is with many organizations). Celebrate Life wants to help so that those fighting today can celebrate life tomorrow.

So we need a major sponsor, someone who is not hurting by these hard times...Celebrate Life needs a sugar daddy...